Reconciliation Australia

The One Future Forum was conceived and organised by Reconciliation Australia and supported by a grant from the Australian Government through the Department of Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.

Bringing together Indigenous and non-Indigenous achievers from all sectors to create a 10 year action plan to close the life expectancy gap

The One Future Forum was held between 27 – 30th May 2007 and brought together 41 Australians, aged under and around the age of 40 of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous heritage on Gundungurra country in Bowral, NSW. Symbolically, the forum commenced on the 40th anniversary of the 1967 Referendum that saw more than 90% of eligible Australians vote YES to include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the national census of the population, and to give the Commonwealth Government power to make specific laws in respect of Indigenous people. This event is often referred to as the first stage of the reconciliation movement in Australia. Read more on the referendum. The forum was a flow-on event from the Australian Future Directions Forum (AFDF) held in February 2006. The AFDF comprised high achieving young Australians who after discussing a range of national issues, voted overwhelmingly that ending Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander disadvantage was the nation’s top priority. Emerging leaders in business, politics, academia, religion, community and environmental groups, unions, the media, Indigenous organisations, the public service, creative industries, sport, law enforcement and the military came together to design a better future for Australia. Over three days the forum generated detailed policy recommendations in order to address entrenched problems while investing in future prosperity coupled with sustainability and social cohesion. Click here to read more on the AFDF. Participants were drawn from a core group of AFDF to make up the One Future Forum which consisted of 20 Indigenous and 21 non-Indigenous high achievers. The task of the One Future Forum participants was to discuss how to effect real change in Australia on reconciliation and Indigenous disadvantage. The main focus of the group was to establish a series of 10 year individual and group action plans to close the 17-year gap in life expectancy between Indigenous and non-Indigenous children. Read more on the outcomes of the forum. They also made a formal declaration to reflect both the process and outcome of their talks and their intentions beyond that gathering. They wanted the statement to capture their hopes and ambitions, their places on what they identified as a personal and national journey, their separate and joint responsibilities and their undertakings for the future, but most importantly, they wanted it to serve as a call to action. Read the declaration.



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In the lead up to the forum

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The One Future Forum 2007 was held from Sunday 27th May (40th Anniversary of the 1967 Referendum) and Wednesday 30th May 2007 at Milton Park Country House Hotel in Bowral, NSW. The forum was a 3 day residential program.